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Atori Tower
  • Highest building in Tbilisi – 163 meters
  • Right next to Subway (12 meters from metro entrance)
  • Number of Floors : 35 Floors (Commercial - 6 meters high, living - 3.7 meters high)
  • 3 Recreation Zones (9 meters high)
  • Commercial Area – 1-5 Floors
  • Office Area – 6-10 Floors 
  • Residential apartment - 11-32 Floors
  • Bar and Restaurant – 33-35 Floors 
  • Balconies for each office and residential unit
  • Spa, swimming pool 
  • Children's entertainment center, kindergarten 
  • More than 4000 m2 Yard and greenery 
  • Helicopter Landing Area
  • Football stadium on top of the building
  • Gallery
  • Location
  • Details
  • ATORI Tower is a special concept which will offer commercial, office, and residential spaces. The Tower will be divided into four different function zones, each one allocated with a nine-meter high ceiling. Recreational Zones where you can relax and enjoy the view of Tbilisi that as seen from our tower. All houses and office spaces will have individual balconies. 

    ATORI Tower cares about the safety and comfort of its residents and will provide a 24 hour security service, ensure a clean main entrance, elevators, and provide green and sports focused recreational zones.

    Commercial Spaces will have a greater variation and will be provided with receptionists. The spaces will be located on the 1st - 5th floors and have a ceiling height of six meters allowing tenants to use the space to its fullest extent. Office space will be available on the 6th - 10th floors.

    Apartment and Hotel Space will be on the 11th – 32nd floors. Each apartment will feature a ceiling height of 3.7 meters. We will offer additional services to apartment owners who may choose to rent out their space.

    On the 33th – 35th floors, there will be areas for recreation and entertainment. Bars and restaurants may choose to have their establishments feature an elevator-only entrance.

    A mini football court will be available on the top floor and will be open to the ATORI Tower’s residents and all fans of football.

    There will also be a helicopter landing pad made available upon request.

    ATORI Tower cares about the health of everyone who lives and works in its facilities. Therefore, we will provide a pool, spa, and exercise hall exclusively for them.

    Caring for children and giving them a sense of freedom is important for ATORI Tower. A 1,500 m2 kindergarten and children's entertainment center will made available for all of ATORI Tower’s residents and office workers.

    Since parking is so difficult to find in Tbilisi, ATORI Tower will offer 15,000 m2 of underground parking.

    Also, the courtyard will have more than 4,100 sq/m of greenery.

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