Investment-Development Company ATORI, was founded in 2012. We are one of the leading companies providing services within the Georgian real estate market. Historically, ATORI has been focused on the construction of premium residential houses and apartments in Tbilisi’s central districts for other firms. We have now begun to build our own elite multifunctional construction, starting with our ATORI Tower that will crown our company's many achievements.


  • In 2018, Investment Development Company ATORI, According to the results of 2016-2017 by ATORI National business union Ratings, following ratings were given:
  • Gold in Georgian-Owned Enterprises in Overall Financial-Economic Activity.
  • Gold in All Enterprises in Overall Financial-Economic Activity.
  • In 2017, EBRD Investment Development Company named ATORI one of the best companies in high quality and energy efficient

  ATORI’s success rests upon our three key values:

  • Client Satisfaction.
  • Quality of Construction.
  • Speedy Results

Client Satisfaction: This is our primary value. ATORI considers our clients as partners in creating our shared neighborhoods. To that end, ATORI offers clients customized planning, beautiful exterior and interior designs, their choice of options between black and white framework, and finished repairs.

Quality of Construction: Buildings built by ATORI are distinguished by their high standard construction materials and energy efficiency.

Speedy Results: All projects are completed within our clients’ designated deadlines, ensuring that our clients have made the right decision in trusting us with their construction needs.

ATORI uses world-famous, branded products in all their building materials. Among them are Betekeoboboks, which is distinguished as the best thermal insulation in the Georgian market. Its use has been known to reduce energy costs by 30%.

Additionally, ATORI uses world famous Iron which is distinguished in its firmness, density, and resistance to rust.

Also we use the highest quality wood, Siberian Cylinder Larix, in forming our door-windows. We utilize an energy efficient glass-pack which can reduce a third of our clients’ energy costs and incoming noise.

Our quality is also further guaranteed by Heidelberg’s highest mark quality cement.